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Worn Out

  • Saturday, March 28 2015 @ 02:07 MDT
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Chantelle Rants My first week home was not the delightful recuperative romp I expected it to be. We managed to go out for a celebratory dinner on Saturday but I was exhausted afterward. It may have been okay to go home and get a good night's sleep, however, Simon came down with the stomach flu. We were up with him all night and then he wouldn't rest the next day. Jason got zero sleep. Then on Monday night, Jason and I got hit with the same miserable flu. It was exhausting and has taken us the entire week to move beyond. Add to that, I've had doctor's appointments and about a zillion calls to two different insurance companies. One deals with my time off work while the other deals with my meds. As you may imagine, this is an odyssey. The company dealing with my time off work has just managed to figure out this week that I was in the hospital. This is interesting since my first contact with the company was on my cell phone from my hospital bed. The woman kept asking me things like “Who is cooking your meals?” and I kept answering with “the hospital, I'm in the hospital”. I spoke with my manager this week and it turns out that she had the same frustrating conversation with the same insurance representative.

On the medication sides of things, it's also complicated. The bags of antibiotics have to be filed by paper claims so I'm out $160 a week for the time being until they can get all the papers sorted. So that's awesome.

Highlights of the week: Gillian Anderson in uniform, Gillian Anderson kissing a girl (I just watched The Fall), Gillian Anderson on Top Gear, Top Gear travels the Canada #1 from Vancouver through the Rockies (how did British people ever manage to colonize this country, they're hopeless in the woods). Yeah, I watch a lot of Netflix. Also, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is definitely worth a watch.

Also, too much Top Gear is making want to buy a Jag. Which is not a good thing because I know damn well that those things are total hangar queens.

I'm off my pain meds except for the occasional extra-strength acetaminophen. I have a little pain but it's really more soreness than pain.


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