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Lyrics - Falling Down Blue

  • Friday, January 21 2011 @ 07:59 MST
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Pump up the Volume When a person is in music school, there are endless hours spent analyzing music. I donít know if thatís the reason why lyrics are important to me or not but what a song is saying is always an important component to my enjoyment of a particular tune.

Itís no secret that Iím one of ďthoseĒ Blue Rodeo fans but Iím certainly not alone. Jim Cuddy has the amazing talent of being able to tell stories through song and itís one of the reasons that his ballads are so popular. So hereís my personal analysis of the lyrics to Falling Down Blue (see, music school wasnít a total waste). Oh, and I promise next time to pick a happier song. I've had this one stuck in my head for days and I thought that blogging about it may get it unstuck. Everyone tells me Iím lucky
Got my whole life to live yet

When a relationship ends, itís rarely mutual. Thereís usually one person that ends up feeling hurt and humiliated. When you are that person, thereís very little comfort in hearing from friends and family that things arenít as bad as you think they are and that everything happens for a reason.

Canít say theyíre wrong
But the days seem so long
Living inside of my head

Days and nights do tend to drag out when you keep going over whatís happened again and again. There always seems to be an expectation of closure; a kind of de-brief to figure out what went wrong. Why, Iím not sure. When someone is done with another person in their life, they just are and I doubt talking about it is ever very constructive. People donít like to believe that they can be so thoughtlessly dismissed. Worse yet is knowing things were doomed from the beginning. Some people are often prey to falling for passion over reason.

Maybe Iíll get some relief now
Now that your things are all gone

Are things ever really all gone? I know that Iíve never been able to rid myself of photos, letters, etc. and I applaud people who can. I read an article recently in a magazine that said when trying to forget about a past relationship, you should avoid the places that you used to go with that person. Thatís only brilliant advice if you move often. Not to mention that if you and the other person had similar hobbies itís also difficult to avoid certain memories. For instance, if youíre a mountain climber, youíre probably not going to stop heading out to Banff because youíve recently had your heart broken. Youíll just be racked with bitter-sweet memories for a while every time you head out to climb.

Wonít sit here staring at nothing all night
Bleary-eyed greeting the dawn

Insomnia will suck the life out of a person. At least if you can sleep, there is a chance of escaping the things bothering you. Without sleep, there is an endless cycle of tossing and turning followed by days of caffing up to function and the cycle never ends. Itís maddening.

She lived outside of the city
On days when Iíd visit her there
I'd watch her out dancing all lit by the moon
The cold winds of time in her hair
Then weíd go driving for hours
Turn off the lights and just glide
Moving like spirits along through the night
Light through the trees as our guide

The second verse is one of those specific recollections that tear a person apart in the weeks or months (sometimes years) after a break-up. What can I say, some people like to torture themselves and in the past, Iíve certainly been guilty of it.

All right, I miss you tonight
And Iím not really sure what to say

It does not feel nice to admit that you miss the person who has so casually forgotten that they were ever a part of their life.

It keeps rolling in like a slow moving train
It gets harder and harder each day

I would guess that this is a reference to being stuck at a crossing when a train is moving by at a snailís pace (or worse yet, switching). However, as anyone who dispatches trains will tell you, there is no slower train than the one that is lined up for the perfect meet that has suddenly started crawling along. Either way, itís painful.

Just when I think that the worst of itís through
I am stopped in my tracks by some vision of you

More senseless self-torture brought on by a) not getting rid of ďthingsĒ and b) not avoiding old haunts.

All right, I miss you tonight
I admit that Iím falling down blue

In the end, this is a song about resignation. Unlike some of Cuddyís other songs such as ďBad TimingĒ or ďDonít Get AngryĒ that at least have a little lingering hope that the other person involved is feeling miserable too, ďFalling Down BlueĒ is a solitary admission of loneliness, heart-break and sadness.


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