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One Year Old

  • Friday, October 15 2010 @ 07:14 MDT
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Babyriffic Itís hard to believe but my bouncing baby boy turned one about a month ago. I canít believe how fast it went and I canít believe how much Simon has changed. He was beginning to walk in August but now heís tearing around the house at an amazing pace. It wonít be long before heís out-running me while training for a kids tri.

No more formula and no more bottles either. Heís adapted to sippy cups with no issues and is eating any number of new foods. We let him try everything and for the most part, heís not too picky. I realize that this will change as he approaches the two-year mark but right now Iím enjoying his adventurous nature when it comes to food. As wonderful as it is to see him progress from babyhood to toodlerdom, itís also kind of heartbreaking. Weíve packed up so many toys and clothes that heís outgrown. Not to mention the bulk of the bottles as well as the sterilizer and a whole bunch of soothers that I bought in anticipation of Simonís arrival but that he never really took to. Iíve had want-another-one-ittus for the last month which I realize is something steeped in emotion rather than logic.

The only time he really looks like a little baby is in those wonderful moments that heís so peaceful while he sleeps. I could watch him for hours but realizing that that may translate into later creepy issues I always let him be (although I do stop in to say goodnight before I head for work). Heís got great sleep habits and that is something that I donít want to mess up.

His party was small and consisted of grandparents and one great-grandmother. I didnít want to tax his patience too much and I am a stickler for his bath/bed-time routine. He liked his helium balloons and as expected, he was spoiled rotten by all concerned.

For all of you that have been asking for photos of his birthday, I will have an album up in the next week or so for everyone to peruse.


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  • One Year Old
  • Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, October 26 2010 @ 08:02 MDT
awww, I wish I could have been there! Happy belated Mom and Simon 8)

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