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  • Sunday, May 16 2010 @ 05:33 MDT
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Sporty Spice I wanted to get back on track today but it just didn't happen:


See how easy it is to slip into a bad pattern? I have other disruptions in my week coming up so I now know that Sunday is the best day to pick up things again. Tired is no excuse but it is the one I'm sticking with. The baby has been getting up a couple of times a night so sleep has been bad for both ES and I. I made strawberry jam and lemon scones today. The jam, although time consuming, was easier than expected. The scones were delicious. I love lemon. Because I spent the afternoon making jam, dinner was an easy supper of rice, veg and teriyaki sauce. Healthy eating and cooking doesn't have to take a lot of time. There just needs to be a well-stocked fridge. I find that trying out new recipes helps keep up my kitchen supplies. This makes it easy to throw together a tasty, passable meal when I don't have time to plan and spend a lot of time cooking. I was worried that when I go back to work, we'd fall back into bad food habits but with tonight's meal I feel confidant that we might continue to eat real food and not microwavable cardboard.


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