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Baby's First Road Trip

  • Friday, March 26 2010 @ 11:49 MDT
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Chantelle\'s Ramblings While I was watching the Olympic coverage, I made a decision; I decided that Vancouver was too close for us not to road trip there while the Olympics were on. Evil Scientist agreed to this insanity so this past weekend we joined the crowds in downtown Van, if only for a few hours.

During the day of my leg of the Torch Relay, the facilitator on the bus that picked up each relay runner was already applying to work at the London Olympics in 2012 and after her stint with the Vancouver 2010 group she was off to a position with the Montreal Jazz Festival. I couldn't help but think of what a wonderful way this was to build a resume as a young person. Not only would a person get great experience in a huge variety of roles but they would do it all over the world. When I was a young adult, I never would have thought to kick in a resume to work at an event like the Olympics. Even though Simon won't remember it, I like the idea that every four years we can take out the photos and show him that he was there. I'm hoping that this will foster a spirit of adventure in the wee lad. Junior did okay, considering that he was in his car seat for a total of something like 24 hours over the weekend. I spent quite a bit of time riding with him; feeding him and keeping him entertained but all-in-all I don't think we could have asked for a better behaved five-month-old.

We were only in Vancouver for a few hours but it was worth it to soak up the Olympic atmosphere. We were on the street when the Men's Curling team won gold and heard the ship's horn from Canada Place. It was heart-breaking that we had to head back when we did because Blue Rodeo was playing a free concert that night just blocks away from where we were. I tried to convince Evil Scientist that I would just stay and take the bus back to Kelowna to meet him and the boy by the wasn't keen on my sleeping in the bus station.

The ride home was nerve-racking as my dad kept texting hockey highlights to me. I just about didn't want to look at that final text but as we all know, things turned out fine.

Here's a few photos:


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  • Baby's First Road Trip
  • Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, March 27 2010 @ 08:28 MDT
How awesome is that! Good for you on your road trip, I love doing stuff like that 8)

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