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Sporty Spice Sometime in June I found out that I had been chosen as one of the CPR Olympic Torch Bearers. I was excited, not just because running in the Torch Relay is cool but because it's rare that I win anything. I'm glad that I submitted my name instead of taking my usual “what's the point” attitude. It just goes to prove that you don't know until you try. Out of several thousand employees only about 1500 applied.

I didn't blog about it right away because once chosen for any Olympic activity a person has to be cleared by VANOC through a process of applications, etc. As it happened, final confirmation of my position was emailed on September 17th. Pretty much a good day all around, I'd say. As it stands now, I will be running with the torch on January 17th, 2010 in Lethbridge, Alberta. A person doesn't get to choose where they run and the CPR committee very kindly gave me the one run in Alberta because of my new addition (not to mention I'm sure no one on the committee wants to spend any time on an airplane with a newborn and I can't say that I blame them).

In addition to the official Torch Relay track suit, those of us running for the CPR have also been generously gifted our torches. A friend of mine suggested that Evil Scientist ought to make some sort of pillar with a gas feed for the torch that we can turn on for parties in years to come. I'm sure there's no fire regulations to worry about on that one.

The timing on this one couldn't be better. It's such a great goal for getting back into shape after pregnancy. Plus, Lethbridge is where my life had spiralled out of control into the worst possible place I'd ever emotionally been in my life. To go back there now as an Olympic Torch Bearer seems to me to be a mark in my life to see how far I've come. It will be something to remember on those days when I'm really down and I wonder what I've done with my life.

In 1988, I was the consummate band geek and couldn't be bothered with the Olympics in spite of the fact that they were happening only 130 km down the road from my home town. Over the years, because I've become more active, I now look forward to the Olympics. I'm no great shakes at any of the sports I do as hobbies but I enjoy the fact that being sporty is no longer something that is completely out of my sphere of experience.

To see more about the relay, check out: http://www.vancouver2010.com/en/torch-relays/-/32700/8amb6a/index.html.


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  • Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, October 09 2009 @ 09:36 MDT
Just goes to prove that no matter how we think our lives will turn out with the most extensive short, mid and long term planning, none or at least very little of the planning turns out the way we anticipated. I once had a large poster in my office back in my old life that said "Live is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the journey"

That poster is still very vivid in my mind every day.

Just a thought...

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  • Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, October 14 2009 @ 01:18 MDT
I remember the lectures I would get about the Olympics from you back in the day 8)
I am sooo VERY proud of you 8)
Have you thought about carrying Simon with you...perhaps we can find a fire retardant suit and a hat of course..you know, just in case....(jk)

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  • Authored by: dubocn on Wednesday, October 14 2009 @ 02:29 MDT

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