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  • Wednesday, August 12 2009 @ 11:32 MDT
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Knocked Up I'm officially at 37 weeks and I've been told that baby can arrive at any time. My OB-GYN told me today to keep doing whatever it is I'm doing as I am healthy and all signs point to a healthy baby and a healthy mum.

Check that: keep eating like a trucker and watching bad reality television.

Baby has turned and his little bottom is the bit that sticks up just under my boobs. I've suspected for a while that when my belly is moving it was because he was doing a little butt-shaking dance. Between that, the little feet jammed in my ribs and the little fists digging into my pelvis there is really no need to count movements. I think that he even walks in his sleep. Like most things in life, some things can be controlled and some can't. With the days before Junior's arrival numbered, I've been focusing on the things that I can control. During Evil Scientists last week off work, we centred our energies on getting the bulk of our baby gear. It was tempting to go overboard but I refrained and even in an effort to be frugal I think I still have more stuff than I actually need.

The baby's room is all set. Dad painted it then Evil Scientist cleaned the carpet and set up the crib and change table. The other night I put together the high chair, the bouncer and the bassinet. Evil Scientist washed Junior's ever-growing wardrobe and I folded it and put it away. Hurray for teamwork! We've even somewhat agreed on a name. Bottles are all washed put away and extra parts as well as binkies are stored in plastic container for easy access. My bags are packed for the hospital as well as Junior's diaper bag.

I've also been stocking up on typical household goods. TP, paper towels, shampoo, soap, etc (and of course, baby stuff). I've tried to stockpile the house for at least a month. I've found an internet grocery delivery service in case I just don't want to go to the store.

I have running buddies stationed all over the city so I have every motivation to get back into shape. Worst case scenario, I also have researched some personal trainers who specialize in post-partum fitness if I really need a kick in my (huge) ass.

Knowing that I won't be feeling terribly glamourous after giving birth (such that I feel glamourous now) I bought myself a few sets of pretty nursing PJs. I plan to live in comfy abandon for the first few weeks but I thought that some lace and ruffles wouldn't hurt.

And finally, I've done my pre-reading for labour and delivery, watched every video I can get my hands on and spent some time on the more realistic blogs on the subject of childbirth. All I've really learned in this research is that I've done all I can control-wise. It's time to give the Type-A a rest and just enjoy the ride.

Mom thinks that Junior will arrive early at the end of August. Since the latest semester for my grad program starts on the 31st, I figure that if he's going to be early than that's the day he'll arrive.


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