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Belly on the Beach

  • Sunday, July 12 2009 @ 09:29 MDT
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Knocked Up After a bit of a confidence hike today I was going to post my latest preg pics but once I looked at them I decided that I'm not that brave.

I bought a maternity bathing suit several months ago and while the bottoms still fit the top has never really had much room. Note to the designers of maternity bathing wear, boobs get bigger, not smaller when one is knocked up. To be honest, I probably couldn't fit the tops of most mat bathing suits when I wasn't pregnant, let alone now at eight months in. Evil Scientist will soon return from the east with our new trailer, meaning that we'll be doing some camping; possibly near a lake or two. I like to swim and worship the sun so today I realized that I was in need of some swim tops. This sadly brought me to a store I had hoped I would never see again; the dreaded plus size shop.

I immediately grabbed a bunch of 2X and 3X sizes, convinced that I was easily my former size. I dragged off to the change room and submitted myself to the horror of possibly needing a 4X. On a side note, when I was plus sized I hated pregnant women who shopped at plus sized shops. I tried on the first top only to find that it was miles too big. I ended up leaving with two tops in the lowest size available. They fit my boobs and my pregnant belly with room to spare for the next several weeks. The sun dress I had grabbed on a whim was too big even in the smallest size.

I've been feeling extremely down about my body for weeks but my experience today really gave me a boost. Having said that, I learned this week that some women are prone to putting an extra layer of fat during pregnancy. I'm one of them, what a shock.


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