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The Jaw – Day Three

  • Tuesday, January 09 2007 @ 05:53 MST
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Chantelle\'s Ramblings I hung out with Yard Operations today and saw how trains are coordinated in the Moose Jaw Yard. It's the biggest yard between Winnipeg and Calgary and they see a large amount of traffic in all directions. For my part, I call them to see if they can take a train coming in off a sub that I'm working and if so, where they would like me to line it into. I went on a driven tour of the yard with the Yard Manager while he was getting the train numbers off of a bunch of cars parked on a certain track. Car numbers are all unique. It's a big deal to model railroaders to have a set of some kind of cars that all have unique numbers (they'll actually pay more for these sets). I guess a few months ago someone at one of the shops put a duplicate number on the side of a newly repaired car so there were a couple of matching cars on the line for a little bit. Someone should bring out the “twin” cars in N scale. I bet that would be a hot seller. Pictured are engines at the fueling station. The yard dog was sitting at the maintenance shack probably waiting for a truck to chase but we never got that close.

Moose Jaw is kind of a cool place. Main Street still looks like a main street from the 1950s and I guess they get a number of movie companies coming through to use the look. It has a thriving coffee culture and I quite like the few shops I've seen.

I seem to have gotten into the habit of enjoying Christmas after the fact. Decorations are still up around the towns I've seen and this has also been the case when I was in London the last two years. There always seem to be a smattering of the holidays left and this is when I've begun to enjoy the season, after it's all over. It's a weird way to fight holiday depression but it seems to be working for me so who am I to complain?


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  • The Jaw – Day Three
  • Authored by: evilscientist on Wednesday, January 10 2007 @ 10:19 MST
I think you enjoy the holidays after the holidays because you're no longer stressed out about the holidays, i.e. getting cards and gifts in time, setting up for parties, etc. After the holidays, there's nothing like that to stress or worry you.
  • The Jaw – Day Three
  • Authored by: Dennis on Tuesday, January 23 2007 @ 01:09 MST
Seems like no matter where you go Duxford Girl, you find a substitute for you beloved Lido.



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