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Happy New Year

  • Tuesday, January 02 2007 @ 03:03 MST
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Lido Cafe The Lidonians don't like change. We never have and now a mighty big change is about to happen. I have been unable to attend the Lido for some time and have now found that I will not be able to go on my days off because the Lido is closed until January 12th for renovations!

We, the Lidonians, could barely stand when the ketchup bottles were changed let alone what is about to happen. A new floor. That's right, no more missing grey hospital-like tiles with scuff marks. Oh no, in a week or so the Lido is going to have a brand new, lino hardwood-look-alike floor.

Granted, we all lived through the great bathroom renos back a few years ago but somehow it takes a period of adjustment. It's always a reminder that someday the Lido will be sold and in its place will be a trendy stupid shop that sells soccer-mom garbage with $700,000 condos above. We know that it's coming and we don't like to be reminded. When the Lido goes so goes the last stand-out of trendy Gen-X culture in Kensington.

Is this what's happening to Gen-X? Have we actually started caring and don't want to drink coffee in diners and complain about our student loans anymore? Are we going the way of the Boomer Hippies who protested everything in the 1960s and then voted Conservative/Republican in the 1980s?

I can feel myself slipping. I own a house, I sold out to the “man” when I signed up at CPR, I have a portfolio, I spend hours at work talking about my pension and retirement. Pension?! For Christ's sake I have a music degree, I never expected to have a pension and I'm not sure I give a shit that I have one now. Yeah, none of this is good. It's no wonder I'm restless. Hey, I just bought a Mac, that's an improvement...right?

Rise up Gen-X. Let's hear a resounding “whatever” and vow to never be like the Boomers.


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  • Happy New Year
  • Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, January 16 2007 @ 05:55 MST
The Lido will always be the Lido. True, there has been much talk about the Lido being sold and redeveloped but the good thing is that the Lido now owns the building it is in. It was sold in April 2006 and the owners bid on the building and got it, albeit at an exorbiant price. Of course the ecnomics to run the Lido doesn't work based on how much the building was bought for, but hey when it comes to the Lido, who can put a price on history? So hence the renovations. Lido is dead, long live the Lido!

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