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Lido Cafe - Sunday, November 19th, 2006

  • Monday, November 20 2006 @ 12:14 MST
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Lido Cafe Breakfast? Bruch? A meal at the Lido doesn't need a defining term. We don't go for a specific meal we just go to the Lido. The Lido was hopping today and, like every other place in town, their staff is low and those remaining are about as stressed as it gets. Only Jessica and I were in attendance as Cindy has fled back east and everyone else is busy. Our numbers have dwindled once more.

Jessica's dad (although not actually attending the Lido) was criticizing the fact that we refer to the meal as breakfast in spite of the fact that we don't eat until after ten. He really took offence to our current Lido time of NOONISH due to my afternoon shifts at work. That's easy enough to justify, we're eating brunch, not breakfast.

I was discussing the latest entries on my blog and Jessica remarked that I should also check out the My Space phenomenon. This brought up the interesting thought that we no longer fear Big Brother, we actually seem to encourage it. Every thing we do can be put out on the “web” for complete strangers to read, view and scrutinize to their hearts content. Granted, I suppose it's the true extroverts like me who don't mind putting their lives out for the world to see (my heart's on my sleeve all the time and although I hate being so emotionally naked I've stopped trying to be something I'm not). What I find interesting is that an introvert like Evil Scientist has a blog. I suppose this method of self-exposure has a unique sort of control behind it in that each person who blogs, journals, etc. is creating an image that they want people to see based on what they allow on the web.

Jessica arrived home to a broken elevator the other night and after following a small trail of blood up three stories was greeted by several members of Calgary's law enforcement team photographing and cataloguing the crime scene in front of her apartment door. She doesn't know the story behind the drama but it's interesting all the same.

I'm an avid eBayer and one of things that I often notice is the gratuitous use of the word RARE, followed by an even more outrageous price. If there's something I want, I tend to put all items like it on my watch list for about a month and then see exactly what the item goes for on a regular basis. All too often I have seen an item sell for literally hundreds more than it is actually worth. Jessica scours the charity shops for deals and ran into the same thing this weekend when she found soiled, dirty old Ikea Billy bookcases for $80 a piece. Lucky for her, she knew that brand new ones sell for about $60. The scary thing is, someone will probably buy them for that amount. Research is the key to eBay and second-hand shops.

Inevitably, the conversation turned to the Grey Cup this weekend. My mom cheers for Edmonton, then Saskatchewan and then whichever Western team is left. My grandmother cheers for Edmonton then the Blue Bombers and then she just stops caring. Jessica simply said “my grandmother has money on it.” I guess everybody enjoys the CFL in their own way.

The time has come for a Lido survey. Glance to the right on my blog and answer what your favourite Lido breakfast/brunch meal is. Include details like “bacon, scrambled, brown” in the comments section of the survey (if you're a real Lidonian, I won't have to explain that any further).


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  • Lido Cafe - Sunday, November 19th, 2006
  • Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, December 01 2006 @ 02:30 MST
MYSPACE!!!!!! Cindy is on there!! In full blown colour!!! She is unashamedly an EXTROVERT!

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