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Lido Cafe - Sunday, September 23, 2006

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Lido Cafe So, the question of the week is:
“How can Wal-Mart can make a fake, dismembered, crawling hand for 9 bucks but sex toys all cost around $100?” I mean really, it certainly seems like the same technology. This was to be a recurring theme although I still don't understand why Jim Cuddy's new video would remind anyone that they need new batteries. Although a pretty crappy week of weather had just passed, this past Sunday dawned bright and promising. Tina had managed to join us from parts North (N-O-R-T-H) and we had quorum at the Lido (that means that our booth was full). Tina regaled us with tales of wanton destruction to expensive government lab technology.

The four of us (it was a four person booth, if we'd been in one of the two six-person booths, we wouldn't have had quorum) came to the conclusion that men are getting more high-maintenance and that a catch and release program is probably the best policy. This brought the conversation around to Cindy's “Dinosaur Take-Down Theory” that loosely states that we cheat with the alpha male to get strong babies but because we know that he'll get eaten by T-Rex we marry the more stable caveman to raise our little bastard alpha babies.

What does constitute family values? Cindy mentioned an ad on the train that was sponsored by the Calgary Downtown Association telling people not to give their spare change to homeless people because it just feeds their addiction. Jessica pointed out that it seems plausible unless you know that the Calgary Downtown Association is a group of people who try and block all services and agencies from helping Calgary's homeless. It is, in fact, a business organization, not a not-for-profit group. This had me wondering about the political right. All we hear from them is about “family values” but they really have no sense of community. A vast majority of the people on the street actually suffer from mental and learning disabilities and because of massive cuts to the government agencies they no longer have a place to be that makes sure that their basic needs are being met. We live in one of the richest countries in the world and yet schools have to fund-raise, people who need our help are left on the street and a great deal of street people are the working poor; they have jobs, they just don't make enough to live. It is disgraceful, so much for a just society. I notice that the Calgary Downtown Association (very big Tory supporters) don't have any issue with $600 Million (a year) of the tax payers “spare change” going to big business. I guess that family values is something that is only for rich, white, Christian Tories.

Being a nice day there was plenty of eye candy wandering back and forth in front of the window so we decicded to enjoy what would probably be one of the last days of summer at the park. We drove to Confederation park and staked out a picnic table in the sun. I saw a Katana fly overhead and realized that it had been way too long but with two weeks left of school I have to concentrate on RTC not PIC.

It was decided that nudity on the Starbucks patio is never acceptable no matter how hot the weather and we were suprised to discover that metal-detecting is a hobby. On a final note we began to talk about sadistic bosses and Jessica wearily said of her aged, hippie boss “you don't have to fight the man any more. YOU ARE THE MAN!”


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