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Lido Cafe - Sunday, September 17th, 2006

  • Thursday, September 21 2006 @ 02:08 MDT
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Lido Cafe Jail Bait, Cougars, Satan and Stan Rogers When I arrived at the Lido this Sunday, Cindy and Jessica were already deep in the heavy kinds of conversations that tend to accompany our breakfast fare. Thoughts had turned to jail bait as Cindy wondered about a hot young boy at table seven. She was sure that she was going to prison for even looking. I could sympathize with her after having spent two years as the student of a flight instructor who looked so young that I though one day he might turn up for a lesson in his air cadet uniform. Following that was more on the confusing topic of what actually makes a woman a cougar.

Eventually we came to the point in the meal that had us wondering after absent Lidonians. Jessica mentioned that Tim had moved from his last known city of Halifax and was now in grad school in Toronto. Cindy, being new to the group, was filled in on our wandering artist friend and Stella confirmed that Tim indeed does bare a striking resemblance to Stan Rogers. More coffee was poured and my hands stopped shaking from withdrawal.

Cindy had received a disturbing call from a drunk relative the night before letting her know that Satan was indeed still in love with her. This was met with sympathy as we have all had drunk friends and relatives call us in the middle of the night and tell us things we don't want to hear.

Naturally, the release of Jim Cuddy's latest album had to be discussed at length between myself and Jessica. Jessica suggested that perhaps because I had complemented Mr. Cuddy on the horn section once when we were at a concert that this has lead to the trumpet solo in his new heart-breaker “Pull Me Through”. She told Cindy that we like to think that we have some influence in a small way and Cindy asked if we had been groupies for long. This lead to the re-telling of the-night-we-got-backstage-at-blue-rodeo-in-banff story. Cindy was irritated that neither of us had to sleep with even one roadie to meet the band and to discovered that she has been doing this getting-backstage thing all wrong for the last several years.

And now...
The soundtrack of the morning. It was a pretty good play as I had forgot to the bank machine and was instead forced to raid my vehicle ashtray:

Tragically Hip – Boots & Hearts, New Orleans is Sinking
Bob Marley – Buffalo Soldier, One Love
Carl Douglas – Kung Foo Fighting
Nena – 99 Luftballons
B52s – Love Shack
(these are Lido standards, I think most of these have been in the juke box since I started going there)

Blue Rodeo – Try
(it's the only BR/Cuddy/Keelor song on the box damn it and Jessica and I are going to play it every friggin' week)

Nickleback – How You Remind Me
(see my earlier blog entry about Guilt Pleasures, I need my angst allotment)

ABBA – Knowing Me, Knowing You
Blondie – Heart of Glass
Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing
(do you need a reason to play disco?)

Joe Jackson – Is She Really Goin' Out With Him
Sam Roberts – Hard Road
Nick Guilder – Hot Child in the City
(hey now, someone here is NOT turning 27 the way they're claiming they are)

Jackson 5 – ABC
(back when MJ only sounded like a girl instead of looking like one)

Human League – Don't You Want Me Baby
(I think I had this on a Mini Pops cassette when I was a kid)

Wheezer – Hash Pipe
(who doesn't like songs about drug paraphernalia?)

See you in church next week, fellow Lidonians.


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