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It's official...

  • Wednesday, September 13 2006 @ 12:40 MDT
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Chantelle Rants ...I'm totally insane. I realize that most of you reading this have known the above fact for some time but now I have definitive proof. I went back to a cadet unit and signed my name to volunteer as band officer.

I know, it's like being an alcoholic and falling off the wagon. I know it make me sick but I can't help myself. Apparently, I like banging my head against a brick wall.

You see, there's some small chance that I might actually have a shot at getting into uniform (my own, this time, not someone else's for a change. I know what you smart-asses out there are thinking). My commanding officer's ACO seems to think that I can't be denied because of my eyesight this time given that Transport Canada has no problem with me flying airplanes or running trains. This makes sense to normal people but it's the military we're talking about and NORMAL may not enter into it.

Yeah, I know it's a big stupid emotional risk but hey, I'm only going to live once.

So, the worst that can happen and is that I don't get in again because of my eyesight. Big deal, it's happened before. Blah, blah, blah...I still get to fly airplanes. The best that can happen? I get in and look totally awesome in navy whites (if I can find a way to teach ground school to a bunch a sea cadets I'll get to wear my wings too).

Big stupid emotional risks make life interesting if not stable.


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