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Last Day in London

  • Monday, January 16 2006 @ 10:42 MST
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Chantelle\'s Ramblings How come two weeks at wonever goes this fast? And so my trip away comes to an end. I have to say Iím pretty tired and glad I can come home and crash for a few days.

I ventured over to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard today. People stand five-deep for this event so seeing it wasnít exactly an easy task. I ended up standing on the edge of the fence and taking pictures through the bars. I didnít see much but I did get to hear the most excellent music from both a full military band and a full pipe band.

As one would expect, there was quite a lot of security around the event. Most interesting were the mounted policewomen who wear proper riding dresses that are draped over the horse.

After that I walked through St. James Park. Itís a pretty park and filled with a variety of birds (not just pigeons) including Canadian geese.

I decided to take a ďflightĒ on The Eye. Because The Eye is sponsored by British Airways it has this annoying commercial flying theme. I hate to break it to the good people in the marketing department at British airways but I find nothing in life more irritating than flying commercially, I donít need the experience repeated anywhere else in life. As it happened, it was not a busy day and I didnít have to wait at all to board. Although pricey, I enjoyed the flight and it was a great way to top off my trip here. You do get an amazing view of London. I took many pictures and for those of you who always complain that there are never any pictures of me I even got one of my fellow passengers to take my photo in front of Parliament as we rolled by.

I went to the Imperial War Museum for lunch and spent a few hours at my favourite museum. In spite of the fact that I think this was my fifth trip to this museum I still discovered things I had not seen before like pieces of the Fokker von Richthofen was shot down in.

My only real worry now is getting to Heathrow tomorrow. After that Iím going to sit back and let the boys with wings on their chests do the rest.


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