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First Tri Month 1, Week 4, Day 1

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  • Monday, May 17 2010 @ 05:08 MDT
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Sporty Spice Into the pool, no excuses. Not even the most typical of all excuses (if you're female) could keep me from the pool today. I've got work to do:


I also had an extra 10 minutes of swimming to do because I missed this day last week. I needed to find a solution to being tired at the end of the day and as it happens, the city pool I frequent has babysitting. I took advantage of the service today so I could do my swimming in the morning. Junior and I headed out to the pool for 0900 hrs and it turned out to be a great time to swim. I had the pool to myself. Best of all, I'm done my training for the day and I don't have the late evening swim to dread.

FT M1, W3, D7

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  • Sunday, May 16 2010 @ 06:19 MDT
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Sporty Spice And so ends my week of sloth (I suck) it's time to move on. I can't ever get this week I've lost back but I can certainly punish myself for the week that has just passed. Last week I was supposed to ride my bike for 30 mins:


It was easy to get 70 minutes worth of cycling in today. In fact, I did 80 minutes because I rode my bike to Kensington for my usual brunch date with my friends. My time, both ways was good and with the weather finally looking up I can see many bike rides ahead of me this summer (especially when I get back to work). Climbing up the hills around Max Bell Centre was largely done on foot but I'll eventually get back to the point I was at two years ago when I could cycle up those hills right after night shift.

FT M1, W3, D6

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  • Sunday, May 16 2010 @ 06:07 MDT
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Sporty Spice I probably could have got back into my routine today but we needed to make a trip to Red Deer:


If I would have planned better, I could have at least got a run in but I figured that I might as well make this week a total write-off.

FT M1, W3, D5

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  • Sunday, May 16 2010 @ 05:53 MDT
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Sporty Spice Hey! Today's the first day I managed to do what I supposed to:


Yeah, yea me. I managed to take a rest day after ignoring my training plan all week. I did go for a walk again and the time in the sun is certainly helping. The boy is still not sleeping through the night.

FT M1, W3, D4

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  • Sunday, May 16 2010 @ 05:46 MDT
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Sporty Spice Today I was busy in the evening which isn't a much better excuse but I did manage to get out for a long walk even if I didn't train:


I'm glad that Spring finally seems to be here. Everything in my yard is suddenly green and budding. I'm starting to feel better but I hate the fact that I let my frustration get in the way sometimes.

FT M1, W3, D3

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  • Sunday, May 16 2010 @ 05:33 MDT
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Sporty Spice I wanted to get back on track today but it just didn't happen:


See how easy it is to slip into a bad pattern? I have other disruptions in my week coming up so I now know that Sunday is the best day to pick up things again. Tired is no excuse but it is the one I'm sticking with. The baby has been getting up a couple of times a night so sleep has been bad for both ES and I.

FT M1, W3, D2

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  • Sunday, May 16 2010 @ 05:28 MDT
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Sporty Spice Well, I made it through the test I had today with some success but it was more stressful than I had anticipated so I crapped out again:


It's going to be one of those weeks. Apparently, I've decided to just wallow in my own self-defeatism.

First Tri Month 1, Week 3, Day 1

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  • Thursday, May 13 2010 @ 08:21 MDT
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Sporty Spice Another day of training down the tubes:


I'm tired, which isn't a good excuse. The reason I'm tired would certainly be a good reason to exercise but I decided to wallow in my own frustration instead.

FT M1, W2, D7

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  • Monday, May 10 2010 @ 04:22 MDT
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Sporty Spice Another miserable day. Here's the workout that I was supposed to do:


I had every intention of riding my bike to the Lido for brunch but with the rain coming down I had the rather pressing problem of none of my rain gear fitting. Combine that with the grey weather and that was the beginning of the depressive spiral into not exercising.

FT M1, W2, D6

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  • Monday, May 10 2010 @ 03:39 MDT
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Sporty Spice Although chilly, at least it was sunny today:


Saturday swims are a little different than the weekdays. There are less kids hanging about because there aren't any lessons going on and it's all lane swimmers. That means that I'm not the only one wearing a swim cap and goggles.

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