Well, here I am, two days past my due date. Just to add insult to injury I've managed to catch a nasty cold so not only do I feel heavy, awkward and tired I get the added bonus of a runny nose and sore throat.

I swear, when I went to the doctor on my due date for my weekly check-up and he told me that I wasn't even a little bit dilated yet I wanted to sue somebody. I don't know who, but I figure that somebody should have to pay for this massive inconvenience. I've tried everything to get that kid to come out. I even offered to buy him a 1966 Mustang. I mean, sure. I'd get to use it for the next 16 years but still, that's a pretty sweet offer. I keep telling him that if he comes out he'll have so much room to kick. I know he's getting frustrated in there.

Not that I'm surprised. First pregnancies often go past their due date but I didn't think that it would make me so anxious. Oh well, the end is nigh. If I don't go into labour naturally, I'm booked in to be induced on Thursday.

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