Again, don't read any further if you haven't seen the season finale of House MD. Also, this miserable weather is getting to me so this one's a little dark. In the final scenes of House this week Cameron and Chase get married while House checks himself into a psychiatric hospital. Well, didn't that wrap up everything nicely for the general TV watching public. Happiness wins out and grimness gets locked away. I wouldn't want anybody to have to face harsh reality; everybody put their justification life-is-wonderful hats on.

Here's what I saw:

Chase and Cameron Of course they're getting married. They have no lives outside of the hospital. Like anybody who works that kind of job they see romance with each other because they don't have time to find it anywhere else.

Foreman and 13 Isn't it great to be in a relationship with someone who's going to die young? It can all be wonderful and hopeless and in the end Foreman knows that he'll see be young enough to find someone else. Again, of course they're together, there is no world for them outside of House's diagnostic department.

Taub and Spouse What's her name? Who cares, he doesn't love her anyway. Reams of research have been dedicated to affairs and the outcome is always that the cheating partner no longer loves the other partner. But since statistics tells us that two-thirds of men cheat and half of women cheat there needs to be a happy ending scenario so everybody can believe the relationship they settled for is actually the one they want.

Cuddy Surely at the moment the happy couple said their vows, she realized that even with her baby she's still alone, still unloved, still unwanted.

Are we all feeling happy and well-adjusted inside? Of course we are, because House, the only person who ever seems to see reality as it happens, got carted off to a mental institution. During the second season, it was established that House was like this before the Vicodin but I'm sure that fact frequently gets forgotten. People need to believe that no one could actually be that truthful and unapologetic for it.

So if anyone refuses to live in a fairy tale, they suffer from depression. Quick! Prescribe them some pills so they don't bother the rest of us. I hope that even if House gets clean (I knew something was up last week, no one fully attains detox in a 24 hour period) that he remains just as miserable. If not, I think we can say that the show has officially jumped the shark.

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