After looking at a recent comment from Cindy, I realize that I should do some explaining. About a year ago myself and a fellow crew dispatcher were having a discussion. The first time myself and this particular crew dispatcher worked together I mentioned that it was going to be a long night and that we would need to find stuff to talk about. After a few minutes he handed me a list covering the next eleven hours with a topic for each hour. This was a tradition to last until we both became RTCs.
One night he handed me a list that had a topic that read “pancakes with no syrup, what's the deal with that?” Later on he started to tell the story of how he was at a diner and he watched guy order pancakes, lather them with the butter and then eat them without syrup. A bunch of us agreed that this was clearly insane and a sign of deeper problems.

A day or two later I was out at the Lido and in a rare moment, Evil Scientist had actually decided to join me. The Lidonians all ordered the things that we normally ordered and Evil Scientist ordered pancakes. Our orders came and then Evil Scientist lathered up his pancakes with butter...and started to eat them without syrup. The Lidonians all stared.

I couldn't believe it was happening right in front of me. I mean, especially after this important topic had just been discussed at work.

Evil Scientist claims that it's because he doesn't like any syrup but maple but I think that it's just yet another rouse to avoid coming out to the Lido. A sign of deeper problems indeed.

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